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I invested >10k into the most recent crowdfunding. Was promised incentives as a reward including socks/hoodie etc and most importantly the paid premium services for free forever. Emailed customer services who have advised me this is not the case a round 7 investor and only available to EU residents (I am a UK citizen) - I had a screenshot of the incentives offered which made absolutely no mention of this. Anyone similar problems?

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Just had a email from chip, chip are the company I invested in on crowdcube, the email asked me for my home address and what size for the hoodie and Gillet. I will be expecting a parcel in the post.


I only invested a small amount in the last round, but from what I can recall, Freetrade had separate allocations for residents of the UK and EU.

Once the UK allocation was fully taken (which was very quick), Freetrade then amended the rewards section with additional rewards - I assume to attract more EU investors.

Hi @daniel198817

On the crowdfunding thread someone copied the incentives, I count find an original. Wording states the free for life offer is only in countries where they haven’t yet launched.



Has anyone else had their swag from the recent crowdfunding sent out, or an email sent? Ive had nothing yet.


Nothing yet for me. :+1:


The CSO is still knitting the socks

Chief Swag Officer


Hey- just had the same shocking news yesterday! I queried with Freetrade why I was still getting charged SIPP and Plus charges despite investing £25,000 and they said that the incentives only apply to new countries! I am really surprised by this. Can you put up here the screenshot that you took stating what the incentives were?

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Hi @Sukisingh which round did you invest the £25,000?

Hi- at the last round December 2021.

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This is a list of the rewards -


Enjoy your dinner!

From the announcement of the rewards[0] there was no mention that the free premium tiers for £10k+ investors were only applicable to residents of the new markets. I read it as applying to the UK too.

Exclusive new rewards

As part of the ongoing raise, we’re excited to announce some brand new rewards:

  • £1k: ​​Get access to our limited private beta launch in upcoming country launches. Available if you are resident there.
  • £5k: Get paid premium services, like tax-wrapped accounts, in upcoming country launches, for free, for a year. Available if you are resident there.
  • £10k: Our paid premium services, like tax-wrapped accounts, for free, forever. And everything from the previous tiers.

These rewards are in addition to the existing rewards on offer, which include exclusive access to Freetrade’s first NFT. Yes, we just went ‘ooh’ too.

[0] Join and Start Investing Today - Crowdcube


You are quoting from the non-UK resident advert on CC. There were two separate offers there. One was for UK residents and the other for EU

Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 15.55.27

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Also from memory they only updated the rewards after the UK funding round had closed (remained open on CC for EU crowdfund only).


Your memory serves you well :slightly_smiling_face:. You can see this in the sequence of updates on CC.