Freetrade Plus AMA with Freetrade CEO & Founder, Adam Dodds — 8 PM, Tue 6th Oct

Hi everyone

It’s time for our next community meetup :wave:

Freetrade Plus is just around the corner, so this one will be a special edition to chat all things :plus_:

We’ll post the link on this thread shortly before 8 PM on Tuesday 6th October.

Please drop your questions on the thread below— we’ll prioritise the most ‘liked’ posts.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Link to call:



When can we expect SIPPs to arrive?
Will they be included in the PLUS price?


I have loads of questions not necessarily specific to plus but are things which currently hold me back from using Freetrade as my primary platform.

Things like much improved Documents & Reporting and the addition of SIPPs (understandably more complex to Implement) have me feeling like I should hold back a bit for now as these are 1. Quite important for larger investments and where people need detailed accounting, and 2. Provide that additional value that tips it over the edge into a no brainier.

So I guess my question is, what do you see as important upcoming features (which may not be specific to Plus its self) which will make Plus more attractive to investors?

And perhaps. What’s your pitch to convince me it’s worth me using it now? :smile:


What did you vote for on the Christmas Wishlist?


Why have previously available stocks been put behind the Plus paywall, when we were previously promised in the AMA with @Duncan that all stocks currently available would remain free going forward


I would like to understand how Freetrade intends to increase its exposure through advertising to target new customers?

What are the constraints that are currently preventing (or delaying) such a campaign?

I see adverts all the time for other free-to-trade apps. Granted these apps may not be in the same league as Freetrade but they are becoming visible, and visibility is better than obscurity?


Most questions will probably be Plus related. I am thinking about signing up for Plus once I feel the product is developed enough to warrant the price. Anyway here’s my question:

Will users be able to buy Plus stocks for a nominal charge (as we use to have with instant orders)?


Is the plan to make Plus available to users from Ireland, Netherlands and other countries as FT expands into Europe? How will Plus be different for each country?

When do you think users in Ireland and Netherlands will have access to Plus?


This is to bump up this question.

Can we get a reaction to this, please?


Any plans to include Crypto currencies ?

Can you share any detail on what an ‘AutoInvest/AutoPilot’ feature will be like on Freetrade?

And will this feature be for Plus users only or for free users as well?


Please provide some insights on what we can expect beyond the pay walled stocks, stop and limit orders. Completely understand that there is lots to go for - but some insights on the direction would help. Also will SIPPs be included in plus or would be separate? Is Auto invest expected to be under Plus?


One highly requested feature of the Plus accounts is a reduced forex rate.

Is this something that you are considering implementing to differentiate further from the normal account?


Do Freetrade have any plans for a IPO?


Business models / European expansion:

The market for free or low cost brokers in Germany has exploded over the past few months, and Freetrade would need quite a different approach, for example due to greater choice of trading venues, no tax wrappers, increased competition, etc.
From your viewpoint, does this represent a short- to mid-term barrier to the expansion into this and similar markets?

The German market offers an opportunity to observe a variety of stockbroker business models, to see what sticks and what doesn’t. Do you study these approaches, and if so, are there any specific lessons for the evolution of Freetrade’s UK business model?
For example, negative interest on big cash holdings, or the idea of “investment plans” (as in ‘multiple auto-pilots’)?


Roadmap Update please (Maybe some time scales to a few things, like European shares, better documentation etc)


Will SIPP be included in Plus


Back at the start of June the Freetrade team mentioned they were working on adding US REITs and making it possible for REITs to be held in ISA accounts. Is there any update on that? i.e. is it close to completion and was it held off as it’s planned to be a Plus only feature? Or is it still in work? Should it be on the Roadmap?


Is there plans to record this AMA for the people that won’t be able to tune in.