Freetrade Traffic Stats and More


From time to time I check the publicly available information on traffic going to Freetrade. A really nice tool is Similarweb as it provides a few more things like traffic sources, referral sites and social etc.

It’s also pretty cool because you can “spy” on competitors and how they get their traffic. For example HL and Trading212 are driving a good amount of traffic from their youtube channels. Also how trading app comparison websites (and which ones) drive their share towards each website respectively.

I’m pretty sure the team is aware of this, but it’s nice to be able to access this info (or atleast some of it) for us outside the office this easily.


I’ve used this previously at work to understand what competitors are doing, who they’re getting linked from and customer behaviour.

Checked my own companies site on it at the time and it was pretty accurate compared to GA.

Nice to see FT growth!

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(Alex Sherwood) #3

Thanks for the heads up, I was always curious to see this sort of thing too. As the page says, the numbers are an estimate & they’re a little low in our case :stuck_out_tongue: Still, if you assume that the numbers are tracked & calculated in the same way for all websites then it gives you a nice way to do a rough comparison of multiple sites :male_detective: