Freetrade user growth

50,000 on the list. The biggest milestone so far :eyes:

Keep up, Freetrade Team!


Wonderful milestone. :partying_face: :freetrade: I personally believe that creating this community/forum for people to communicate while waiting and even after was a great way to keep people engaged during the development and it will just continue to grow. I may not be one of the first people to join the community but I definitely hope to be one of the people who will stay the longest. :grin:


Another astonishing 10% waitlist growth in just a scope of under three weeks, exponential growth with no room to slow down here it comes!

Curious what it will be like after the app launches on the 18th of September :sunglasses:

Fun fact: 55,000 is the population of Marshall Islands (it is a sovereign country :wink: )


Some nice new stats and a multicoloured graph. What else could anyone want on a Saturday?

Compared to Monzo’s historical data