Unhappy about the lack of community meetups

Hi Guys,
I’ve seen a lot of people frustrated recently on the forum about how fast features are getting released and the growth of the platform. But what’s really concerning me is the lack of community meetups with had since Alex has left the company.

Community meetups have been a great way for people to come together to talk about Freetrade, investing and learn something new. It’s also a great way for new potential investors to come along and see what the product is about. I beleive there hasn’t been a community meetup since May!

We see with Monzo that their meetups create some hype around the company, there tickets sell out within a couple of hours every month for their open office and it’s been a great way to get people talking about Monzo and create a bit of a buzz around the company.

Is there an update on what’s going on with community meetups and when we can expect the next one to be?


Hey, thanks for asking about this.

We’ve had a break over the summer, partly due to resources in the team and partly due to lots of people (team and community) being away on holiday. We are planning to re-start the events at the end of the month, so stay tuned.

I can say that, having joined the Freetrade team in March (and having been an avid user since launch last year) the community meetups have been one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most. We have also seen tickets sell out pretty much instantly!

It’ll be great to catch up again in a few weeks! :raised_hands:


Spoilers much!? :slight_smile:

Indeed, we can’t wait!