Freetrade Youtube Channel


Now with overfunding, will the Youtube channel get any TLC? :heart:️ It only has one video from a year ago and sports the old logo.

The channel could be a great marketing tool. The awesome CC Crowdfund pitch should be up their imho as @adam did a great job on that one :clapper:

Do you have concrete plans for the channel @Viktor?


(Viktor) #2

Yes - we find video as a good format in general. But harder to produce, so it might be a while before you’ll see videos up there. We prefer more wood behind fewer arrows and really making an impact.

Good shout on the logo! :+1:

(Adam) #3

Vimeo is more up to date:


This makes more sense to me now… I see your connection :wink:


Logo update :white_check_mark:
Content :soon: