Freetrade's Open Product Roadmap

Not yet, keep an eye on the roadmap for updates :face_with_monocle:

Yes, investors who earned free Alpha subscriptions will have free ISAs from April onwards, even if Alpha subscriptions aren’t available then.


Love the timeline :grimacing:

I really want to use it for work, I don’t think it would go down as well :joy:

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Are you referring to ?

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Yeah, I’m a notion fan :grin:

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Hey @Justin, we’re building out our in-house operations and trading capabilities to improve customer experience and keep costs down so we can provide more assets/features

this includes things like:

  • Improved insights for our brokerage ops teams
  • Access to more trading partners
  • Better insights into trade failures
  • Improved trading performance
  • Improve insights/reporting capabilities

Hope that adds some colour? Cheers!


A bit late but just looked at road map.
I think there is lack of love for few ideas with highest number of votes!
Also I shouldn’t hold my breath for ISA transfer :sob:


That roadmap will all be completed soon at this rate :grin:


We shared some more details about our investment platform in our blog post announcing our crowdfunding round -

The product’s out, time to scale

We will grow our engineering team and enhance our platform.

This will allow us to speed up important features like fractional shares, a stock universe in the thousands and new account types. It’ll support our upcoming analytics, which will give our customers unique ways to understand their portfolios and improve their performance all from the app.

If you’ve looked at our roadmap recently, you’ll also have noticed one prominent item is our own investment platform. This is a unique technological and operational project. It will bring a huge amount of the intricate, decentralised processes and data streams of stock market investing into one modern, in-house platform.

As well as aiding many of the features above, this will dramatically drive down our costs and give us way more adaptability and freedom as a business.


I appreciate that timelines do change - but would it be possible to put some sort of estimated timeline on the release of each product/feature? This is a level of transparency I would really value as an investor. Slippage does not concern me!


I appreciate your understanding but we’ve purposely avoided that because slippage does concern some people :sweat_smile:

The roadmap’s intended to show you what our priorities are & enable you to track features progress from ‘in planning’ to a ‘work in progress’ etc.

I hope that makes sense!


What about 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and over 12 months? :wink:

Those are timeframes, timeframes mean there’s potential for slippage :slight_smile:


Still think you should add a new bucket to the roadmap called Never - you could put CFDs, margin accounts, and “Changing the ‘slow internet’ text” in it.


Don’t tempt me :wink:

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Do it. I was being flippant about slow internet but not about having a Never bucket - it’s good for a product/team to be able to remind themselves what they’re not doing, and possibly helpful to users asking for features that’ll never happen.

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What happens if something drastically changes in the future though?

Well, yes, maybe “Not happening” rather than “Never”

'Not Currently in Scope" has a better ring to it :wink: and offers flexibility - we use this where I am as Product Manager - its important to let people know whats not in scope as much as what is!

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I hear you, though I think “scope” implies that the only reason why feature X isn’t included is a budget or time one rather than a vision one. I think FT should be more opinionated than that :slight_smile: