Freetrade's platform has launched: Sign up to the Invest by Freetrade closed beta 📲

They’re rolling invest out now as we speak?

@anon810895 Yes!

We’ll add a lot more people to the platform next week. It wouldn’t have been wise to do that during the festive season, so next week is when we take it up a notch.

The next step is having thousands of people on and serious load on Invest by Freetrade. We have a lot of new users online and record-large Basic Order batches seemingly every day recently, so it will be good to have that on Invest.

A few weeks ago, we restructured some of the engineering team a bit, and a new group formed that started active work on fractionals, one of the first features enabled by Invest (besides thousands of US stocks) before the holidays.

These are the latest updates, let’s continue on the Invest thread next week. :slight_smile:


This is clearly only one point of view, but I would far rather you built out your ETF catalogue (eg, starting with all the ETFs I’ve raised requests for :slight_smile:) than added a bunch more individual stocks.


Why can’t we have both?


Would also be happy with that. :blush:

We’re working on analysing how we’ll improve our ETF coverage. Give us a bit of time; :wink: US stocks are a very different ‘feature’ - we obviously won’t have US ETFs due to the KID issue.

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Heads-up: we’re upgrading 1,000 more of our beloved customers to be on Invest by Freetrade starting today, over the next few days.

We’re sending an email soon.

A lot of exciting things are in the works! Some of them we can share, some of them we will keep as a surprise.


Me! Me! Me! :scream: :scream: :scream:

is there a feature list that comes with invest? Will this allow you to add features such as stop losses etc.

I would like to see more FTSE 250 and FTSE All Share stocks added, pretty please.


Im on the Invest platform and it doesnt have any new features yet but I’m sure they will come soon.

Feedback on Invest - 3 trades placed without problem and everything seems to be displaying correctly.


Very exciting! Really looking forward to seeing the progress

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Hi - if we haven’t been advised of bring transfeered to the new platform, assume you’re not one of the 1,000?

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Hey Mat, the message hasn’t gone out yet. @sampoullain will shoot an update to everyone, both those upgrading their accounts to Invest and those that will be in the next batch!


Thank you.

Have they gone out yet?

I got a message in app to tell em I had been moved over.

Got my message this morning! Looking forward to it!

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That’s annoying! I signed up within a few minutes of the original post so I would have thought I would be in the first or second round.

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Perhaps they have certain types of users they want to move first so they’ve got a range of experiences to test. I was also one of the early sign ups here and a very early user of Freetrade and I haven’t heard anything yet either.