From Zero to Invested #Finimized

(Alex Sherwood) #1

This should be a good event for anyone who’s just getting into investing :grinning:


Thanks! Just registered. :grinning:

(max) #3

Hey Alex, I work at Finimize. Awesome to see you posted this! – Come and say hi if you attend.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Hey Max! Thanks for dropping in, I will do, I’ll be there :smile:

(Jeff puckering) #5

Any chance of freetrade getting a slot to speak?!

(max) #6

Sorry all booked up! Feel free to come along – If you haven’t been to a finimize event before they are special…Check out our previous one on open banking

(Jeff puckering) #7

Nevermind, next time! Not easy to get to London then for me unfortunately but love what you guys are doing!