Frontline (FRO)

Ticker symbol FRO, listed on the NYSE.

Currently at 7.65$, sitting low on its 52 week range.

Frontline is an oil tanker stock with a market cap of about 1,5 billion USD.

The pissing contest between the huge producers made the futures for crude dip into negative territory, then the covid situation was added into the mix, the perfect storm for the oil price made a lot of tanker stocks some very nice profits, Frontline included.

They own and operate their ships with short and medium term contracts, predominantly crude but they have some coal and iron ore in there as well.

Quarterly payer, hefty double digit distribution.

Bear in mind “a rising tide raises all ships”, tankers fit the expression well, the duration of this tide, though, is a different matter altogether.

(Make this ISA-able please :wink: )

As always, DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

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