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This company acquires, manages and disposes of transportation and transportation-related infrastructure and equipment assets all over the world.

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The stock currently shows on the app as ’ This stock cannot be traded right now. This generally happens because of a corporate action or the instrument beimg delisted

There was a recent merger transaction which closed on 11 November 22 and appears to be trading on the Nasdaq.

Would be interested to know if this will return to being available soon.

My guess is the dreaded Regulation US1446(f) strikes again.

This will force Brokers trading Partnerships (so including most LLCs and LPs) to deduct tax at point of sale REGARDLESS of any profit being made and paying it to the IRS on your behalf. It’s a workload most brokers won’t be willing to do. So my guess is you’ll see a lot of assets like this get removed from platforms.

No. My mistake. Following the recent merger (so there WAS a corporate action that probably stopped trading) FTAI is now structed as a Company not an LLC. So disregard the above. Trading should resume on FT shortly then I’d imagine.