FullyCharged YouTube Show

Just came to recommend this YouTube show. Robert Llewelyn from scrapheap challenge and Red Dwarf has created a show about electric cars and renewable technology. It’s massive now and so entertaining. They don’t just look at cars if that’s not your thing they visit some amazing places and look at what different companies are doing.

Here’s one of the latest episodes where he drives the Model 3


Interesting watch, thanks.

One of the best YouTube series out there, been an avid watched for a few years now.

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Awesome definitely going to binge these!

The production level is incredible now. There isn’t a show like it that deals the with this type of subject so nicely.

Let me know what you think?

This is one of the more standout ones I’ve seen. It’s a first look at the Rivian there’s so much buzz about this company at the moment and they have secured a lot of funding from Ford.

Thanks for sharing. Had no idea about that channel and just Wat he’d a couple episodes. Have now added it to my watch list and to get alerts when they post new content :+1:

That’s great! Your welcome

I was very impressed with Rivian and it’s the second most valuable EV startup after Tesla in the US now. Believe Ford just made a very savvy purchase.

Yeah they look like they really know what they are doing. Will be interesting to see if the actual price is competitive and how quickly they can produce cars to market. What do you think?

Judging by the industry, probably not. The truck has a preliminary base price of $69k, but that won’t be coming down anytime soon. They will likely be able to scale better than Bollinger, for example.