Genflow Biosciences Plc - GENF

Yeah its pretty bloody impressive. I started buying in last month at 1.6. If only i had dropped more in at that point.
Still there is a lot of up left in this one for sure…

Possible the time to buy is gone for now.

Not advice.

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Yeah im inclined to agree

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If positve news comes after a big rally, I would suspect its already priced in.

And those in the know are likely to take profits and dampen down the price for the short term at least.

Thats my thoughts anyway.

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This could just float until June until we get some really positive news

Are we expecting good news?

I picked up a whole heap of these shares when they went down to 1p. Quite a fall from their original valuations of 12-14p per share. I’ve held onto these despite the recent raise in the share price as I can see the long-term price of these to skyrocket.

Some interesting reading:

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I think we should receive news very soon regarding Genflows recent application to list on the OTCQB which should give exposure to a more prominent market in the US, creating more liquidity for the company.

Eric also has stated in June he is expecting to meet with the Belgium regulators, to discuss the CMC for NASH and Werner’s syndrome.

If successful, I think we should see an increase on the SP short term but GENF have a fully funded 2 year runway to further R&D and tapping into other age related diseases.

I’m buying as much as I can to hold for the very long term as I see this as a multi bag. It’s also well documented by the CEO that the ultimate goal would be to be acquired by a big pharma company and would be brilliant news for all investors here. DYOR.

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Part 3 is obviously the most recent but a very interesting watch as it discusses Genflows application for the OTCQB listing and how it can effect GENF.

These just seem to be on A never amending slide. Anyone have anything positive to report as I cannot appear to find anything.

Im down 43% on my “speculative” investment. It may be the case that there cash burn runs out before any upside.

Can’t see anything either, positive or negative. Ominously quiet indeed🤫.

They have funding until 2025, further non-dilutive funding is agreed.
They have been granted stage 1&2 clinical trials on sick patience.
From what I can gather. The results from testing on human and animal cells have shown enough promise that toxicity trials on healthy patience is not required.

The human trials are due to begin in the next 18 months.

I can see no reason why the share price is down other than the economy is in the toilet.

We have until end of 2025 before burnthrough becomes a problem but even then preparations have been made for extra funding that won’t dilute the shares.

I think it’s just a case of sit on the shares long term.

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Good news anouncement today regarding partnerships and funding which has seen the share price move up.

Some small upward movement today, patents and major shareholding voting rights noted.
Long term hold in my view.

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