Getting Filled and Order Types

With the amounts of money I’m investing and stocks I’m investing in, I’ve never had issues with my orders getting completely filled every time.

As I’m now thinking of upping my investment even more, I am wondering how getting filled works.

  1. If I place a large market order, will some of the stocks bought execute at a different price or are all guaranteed to execute at the same price?
  2. Same question for limit order.
  3. Can orders be in a partially filled state or will the filling only start once enough shares are available?
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All the order will execute at the same price and afaik it needs to be the full order. I’ve had £5 orders rejected so the reason is normally price, not quantity

Here’s the execution policy but I had a quick look through and didn’t see your questions answered. It probably should be in there (unless I missed it)


They’ll all be purchased at the same price.

We don’t yet offer limit orders. You can vote for the idea here: MEGATHREAD: Limit Orders

We’ll only complete orders if we can fill the entire order. If there’s not enough shares available then the entire order will be rejected.