Gifting Shares as a feature


So something like you pick a share, purchase it, then enter the email of the person you are gifting it to. Then they get a message and can accept and complete the KYC/AML stuff.

It could be a good way to get people not interested, interested. Although I can also see it being a regulatory headache.


(Big Boss) #2

Oooo interesting idea!

(Jeff puckering) #3

Like it, would love to gift my nieces and nephews Investments on birthdays and things, which would make me the most boring uncle right now but potentially the best when they are older!

Gifting to children would add to the regulatory headache, but start ‘em young!


The idea come from a IOU for shares someone gifted. Alternative would be share certificates but that is too much hassle.

(Kenny Grant) #5

Love this idea if it could somehow get round the regulatory hurdles, but I think if you kept the shares in the givers account till there was somewhere to put them, that could work.

Perhaps the share(s) could remain in your account, reserved, until such time as the giftee decides to create a freetrade account - at that moment they’d be transferred over to the new user…

Would benefit freetrade with new users, and people who are not familiar with investing and receive some shares as a gift.

(Vladislav Kozub) #6

@rob_h would be the best to advise whether this is regulatory and physically possible.

Do we have elfs in stock that could handle share transfers? :grin:

(Jeff puckering) #7

Christmas elf’s bearing gifts! :christmas_tree: :elf:‍♂️ :elf:‍♀️ :gift:

(Rob) #8

AML and KYC problematic. @freetrade_cal potentially best place to advise. From my point of view - like the sentiment, but no. Possible via a certificated withdrawal but that costs so much behind the scenes I hope none of you (shareholders in Freetrade) make such demands as its wildly inefficient. If (and only if) the receipient was already a Freetrade account holder then maybe, just maybe. Although still a pain in the perverbial.

(Viktor) #9

I love this idea.

At a later point, we’ll investigate if there is a clever way to solve this, something that deals with or bypasses the complications described by @rob_h.

(Rob) #10

Don’t misunderstand , I love the sentiment. But ouch! We need a major brainstorm as we’re gonna hit legal obstacles in certain circumstances. If everyone is happy for this to carry a ‘low priority’ tag then happy days. Keep the ideas coming.

(Vladislav Kozub) #11

On Wednesday night? I am impressed!


Thanks and yep, I definitely suggested this as a low priority feature.

(Kenny) #13

Read recently that Stockpile and Gift of College are two companies that pioneered gift cards for fractional securities in the United States.

Not investigated, lazy news.

(Rob) #14

I will be googling it from 8am tomorrow. Since your profile pic involves you on a beach and drinking I am inclined to think you knows what yous is talkin’ about. Seriously. Not sarcastic. I like your style. You look like me … with more hair

(Kenny) #15

This might crush you, but:

  1. The drink is Southern Comfort
  2. I don’t know that guy

It’s all aspirational, investment goals you might say.

(Mr A Turner) #16

This is something I made a few years ago as a present with shares Inside.


I think this is awesome. And what a way to get people into trading.

(Viktor) #19



Your links don’t work for me :weary:

(Mr A Turner) #21