Feedback on share voting

Hey @acamp

I used the share voting recently for a number of shares I hold. I had a short bit of feedback.

I had an issue opening the email link which was blocked because i have a pretty heavy ad/tracker blocklist going.

Because the email uses to redirect to the voting site it gets blocked on my phone and computer. I know this link provides some basic email analytics related to the email service you use to serve the email as. Presumably (just a guess) to gauge use of the feature. (Maybe the same analytics could be gained from the voting provider directly?)

I’ve had to white list the url, but it would be great if you could change or add a direct url to the voting site in the email? Or include a direct link in the app? (Could this request be directed to the relevant people?)

While it’s a minor inconvenience to allow the tracker (which id rather block), I think a better overall experience (even if it’s one people don’t see) is to reduce these types of redirects and analytics for customers where it makes sense.