GitLab Inc 🖥 - GTLB

This company is the provider of The DevOps platform, a single application that brings together development, operations, IT, security, and business teams to deliver desired business outcomes.


Pls add GTLB to :freetrade:

This has been turned into a stock discussion which means it’ll be added soon. Fridays are stock days from memory.

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Started at 77 dollars and now up to 106 dollars after hours, and still not available on FT. Urgh! Everyone in tech knew this was going to fly. I’m not saying I’d hold it long-term but that was an easy earning opp simply lost to an inability to buy. I wish these IPOs landed on FT quicker, but then I probably need to find another broker for that.

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To be fair you probably couldn’t buy it at $77 with any broker. it pretty much shot straight up to ~$95 instantly

This is now live on your app.


This is pretty big. I love the IaC security scanning baked in.

GitLab Kubernetes Agent available in GitLab Free


Cleaner diffs for Jupyter Notebook files


Explore project topics tab

New social networking feature, pretty cool (reminds me of GitHub’s)

Conditional includes with exists keyword

This is super handy :pray:

Additional Secret Detection pattern support

I actually built the tool that does this (well, other people use it for github), cool to see it baked into gitlab

this is a super cool feature set. Deffo something I should investigate further :female_detective:

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I think this should just about be ready to turn back up.
When they first float they spike quite fast then crash at a more leisurely pace to well below the line.
Then depending on the stock they rise again, some even going for a second spike.
I don’t know if this is good enough for that but it’s rock solid software and should make $77 or thereabouts again pretty quickly

You can :wink:

Not bad jump was this week, +25%

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