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Thought I’d be the first to post this thread :pray: They are expected to IPO on Thursday. Extremely big player in infrastructure, providing infrastructure-as-code through Terraform (IaC), secret management (Vault) and much more.

I certainly couldn’t live without them :sweat_smile:


It’s on the IPO calendar so should go live fairly quickly

@NeilB whats up with the name? The company’s called Hashicorp unless I’ve missed something or this is a meme :sweat_smile:

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Sorry @beatrice that must have been autocorrect.

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Do we have a rough timescale when this will list?

Hi @beatrice, @NeilB, @Raferoo - HashiCorp is now live on your app! :boom:


thanks for highlighting this one @beatrice

doing nicely so far

big share lock up expires at 1st qtr results - not sure when they are

would be interested in a developers take on them and their offer

would be interested in a developers take on them and their offer

I am on holiday :tm: but I am actually a full time infrastructure developer, I work with Hashicorp products almost hourly!

They are very essential to my work, especially Vault & Terraform.

I’ll write more about them after my holiday, but here’s a TLDR:

  1. Vendor lock-in - Using AWS and being forced to use them while they increase their prices, Terraform helps categorise what you own and makes it easier to switch to a different cloud provider than if you didn’t use it. This means in some highly regulated industries or companies that are worried about this, infrstructure-as-code tools like terraform are essential
  2. AWS & Azure have the most insanely unreadable error messages possible and they have no docs or explanations on why it works that way. Terraform actually has some error messages written by the community to make them easier to understand.

I think I also use Vagrant, but we have a custom wrapper over it to make it easier for us to work with on our systems.

PS: Freetrade also uses Hashicorp products like Terraform.

Terraform is used to manage all our infrastructure in Data currently. It’s used to deploy and schedule the invocation of our cloud functions, specify our scheduled queries, manage our secrets, define our data transfer jobs from Cloud Storage and S3, and even to define certain schemas that are used for ingestion into the data warehouse.

Adopting Terraform has been a game changer for us at Freetrade. In the early days of the Warehouse, our focus on speed and agility meant that we would configure many ingestions and transformations directly through the BigQuery UI. But overtime, those manual configurations became difficult to maintain and search for.

Now, all of our infrastructure is specified in one place and rolling out a new environment for testing purposes is a matter of executing a handful of commands at the CLI. In fact, once you become familiar with Terraform, and have codified your common patterns in modules, configuring a new ingestion or transformation job becomes much quicker than fiddling with all those dropdowns and text inputs in the UI. You’ll never look back.

From here Data Infrastructure at Freetrade


Many Thanks @beatrice; i really appreciate this

I had gone through their website and their S1 but to be honest to an outsider its very hard to understand what all these guys precisely do! ie

Elastic, Sumo, Confluent, Snowflake

( I note no real annoucements since their IPO)

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I note no real annoucements since their IPO

Yes I don’t think Hashicorp releases products much, instead they just continually improve the ones they have.

Elastic, Sumo, Confluent, Snowflake

For what it’s worth, I use both Elastic & Hashicorp products but I don’t pay for them, it’s open source. At some point it’ll make more sense to pay the respective companies to handle the hosting than for me to personally fix it every-time it goes wrong :sweat_smile:

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excellent article and run down for the layman (ie me)
never knew the Cisco history

Roblox went down, this was caused by Hashicorp (2 of their products not designed for Roblox’s scale)

Hashicorp Q4 and FY results 10/3/22

  • Fourth quarter revenue totaled $96.5 million, representing an increase of 56% year-over-year; fiscal 2022 revenue totaled $320.8 million, representing an increase of 51% year-over-year.

  • Trailing four quarter average Net Dollar Revenue Retention rate was 131% at the end of the fourth quarter fiscal 2022, up from 123% in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.


Anyone have more thoughts on them?

I need to look into more detail into the company it’s self but anecdotally I’m noticing their products starting to pop up everywhere including at my own work.

Hashicorp is an extremely important organisation in the infrastructure world, I think it’s hard to overstate the influence Mitchell (founder, inventor of many of their products) has had on modern systems infrastructure. I think the advantage Hashicorp has is that they aren’t dependent upon selling into organisations, rather, their products have strong mindshare amongst internal advocates (within technical organisations) and that leads to organic growth from the inside.

If you look at Terraform, for example, it is the de facto standard for open-source infrastructure-as-code, so much so you’ll find Google spending millions of dollars maintaining dozens of Terraform providers and publishing extensive documentation on it as a strategy for using Google Cloud.

Their valuation is at a low multiple relative to many of their industry peers, and while influence/importance doesn’t necessarily translate to good business, their revenue demonstrates that they can effectively monetise which is a good sign. I’d expect their multiple to be greater than industry comparables, but it seems to come far under. I think their valuation is suppressed due to the market they went public in, rather than due to any fundamental problem with the company.

I’m pretty cynical about most high-growth technology businesses, especially given there’s a lot of room to hide bad business fundamentals beneath “…we’re spending money to grow…” so I don’t feel confident in saying obviously Hashicorp has a great business and will be worth a lot in future, but as a customer, I am very happy to continue to advocate for them within the organisations I have influence in, and certainly expect my spend with them to grow.

note: I am a paying customer of Hashicorp but have no exposure to them as an investor (and have no intention of having exposure in the future as I do not invest in individual companies).


Q2 earnings out yesterday after the US close

Net Dollar Retention Rate of 134%

Revenue: Total revenue was $113.9 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2023, up 52% from $75.1 million in the same period last year.

Gross Profit: GAAP gross profit was $92.3 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2023, representing an 81% gross margin, compared to a GAAP gross profit of $62.2 million and an 83% gross margin in the same period last year. Non-GAAP gross profit was $96.1 million in the second quarter fiscal 2023, representing an 84% non-GAAP gross margin, compared to a non-GAAP gross profit of $62.3 million and an 83% non-GAAP gross margin in the same period last year.

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