Gold ETF

As some of you might of seen, I am trying to build a ETF portfolio. I have used the cool little builder over at justETF.

I have decided to look at a Gold ETF, for 8% of my total input, after doing some research I have found two BlackRock ETFs for gold…one tracking the spot price on gold and another tracking the producers.

iShares Physical Gold ETC

iShares Gold Producers UCITS ETF

Although one is more expensive than the other, the returns are almost double. With Gold being the reserve currency, not sure if it would be best to track the price of gold…or the producers.

or just leave out gold completely. Thoughts?

It’s really up to you to make this decision.

I don’t and have no interest in tracking the price of gold, it doesn’t pay a dividend and its growth tends to be less then that of just tracking the general market.

That’s the only downturn is no dividend.

And that the only value it has is that people think it’s cool and scarce. The industrial use is only a fraction of the demand.
If this fashion changes, gold isnt worth much anymore

Check out the new Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC - RMAU (USD) & RMAP (GBP). Very secure, gold held in cardiff at the Royal mint. RM is the oldest company in the UK. over 1100 years old.

The exception of timing the market.