Gold Trusts?

Don’t really see a lot of precious metals based options. Ray Dalio has really been pushing gold.



None of which are available in Europe due to PRIIPS. Let’s hope Brexit somehow allows the rest of us use FT to circumvent this

Really, that’s so annoying. What alternative are there for us?

Maybe someone else can help you here pixelmagic. I don’t invest in gold ETFs and certainly not on the LSE (as it would be pounds if I did) Which I would imagine the alternative on FT is traded on

SPGP is gold producers ETF

SGLN is physical gold and tracks the gold spot price.

Both iShares and on Freetrade.

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With exposure to gold I’ve asked for OROSUR mining [OMI] to be added on freetrade. It’s a very slow burner and not expect massive returns at the minute but maybe in a few years once they advance the project. I feel Newmont who have a strategic investment will eventually make a offer for OROSUR but do you own research. At about 3p a share currently it seems a good long term hedge.