GoodRx (GDRX)

Keen to invest in this company, it is due for an IPO on 23rd September. Is it possible to add this to the platform? Thanks in advance

Edit: The company is apparently profitable since 2016

Goes live today above the guide price, hopefully it will be on :freetrade: soon

It will be.

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Much appreciated Victor

It’s on now, thanks guys
Up by 46%

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Looks like it’s been hit by the Amazon Pharmacy news…

Does anyone think it’s a buying opportunity?

everything across the board went up for me bar this after amazon news. I am planning the hold atm

edit: It’s recovering a bit in premarket

Amazon news has historically hit a lot of stocks which have bounced back. If you believe in the company long term this could be a good buy opp.

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I bought in at <$40
It’s had a strong recovery since ~50% up!