[Request] Teladoc (TDOC)

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Looks like a real growth potential, especially in current climate

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Don’t forget to search for a thread first. Just using the ticker tends to throw up the thread.

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Could not agree more. COVID 19 will be the catalyst for a step change in the way people interact online in general. Huge opportunity if this drags on and the idea of seeing your doctor virtually and not having to physically go into doctors surgery (to be exposed to other potentially unwell people) for routine appointments is normalised.

A bump for this:

Who are they?
Teladoc provides virtual healthcare services to insurers, employers and individuals in the US and internationally, alike to Babylon Health in the UK.

Why bother?

  • Teladoc is the strong market leader in telemedicine, an area in the earliest stages of growth.
  • The company is seeing patients climb much faster than membership, meaning members are becoming more engaged and promising more long-term growth.
  • Teladoc is successfully cross-selling newer services and has numerous adjacent market opportunities.

Market opportunity?

  • Teladoc is the clear market leader in the US, with an estimated market size of 75% which generates massive economies of scale but also network effects.
  • It operates in 130 countries on five continents, it services 40% of Fortune 500, it is linked to Medicare and Medicaid, works with around 70 global insurance firms and services about 300 hospitals and health systems.
  • 92% of patients say that their virtual visit resolved their health problem, which allows it to introduce more and more services as it becomes a trusted partner.
  • The addressable market was estimated in 2017 as $29 billion, but the global market is estimated to grow to $130 billion by 2025.

It’s stock is trading 9.6% below all time high, at the time of writing, as in the current climate tele medicine is of interest. It still represents a good entry point.

Freetrade should really push to get stocks like this into the platform as quickly as possible. Great growth potential and something users will be wanting to see amongst all the usual big brands. Having these niche type stocks available could set them apart from the competition.

Valuation was more palatable when I first asked for this, missed a near 200% gain unfortunately since I requested it. FT need to work on getting more stocks on here quicker so we can take advantage when the opportunity/idea arises.


Couldn’t agree more

Teladoc Health is now at April 2020’s valuation. Hugggge sell off.

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I was up 50% now at evens!
This is one for long term holders. Remote healthcare will become more and more utilised. The UK has a few services which let you see a GP within 30 minutes via video. I for one much prefer this service to going into my local practice

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I really liked Livongo Health it was one of my better holdings but I’m not convinced on Teladoc and I think the merger maybe occured a bit too early.

Keeping this in my watchlist for now :thinking: