Discuss stock picks that are available in the app?

Just wanna get some ideas and other people’s due diligence for investments that you are making within the app.

I’ll start, I looked through nearly every stock available in the app, at the share price history and what market they’re in. In my view good companies to invest in currently for the foreseeable future are tech companies and biotech/medicine. I have a friend who works in medical devices who has said they expect large growth over the coming years, in that market. I started reading articles about UK company, AstraZeneca. They’re growing rapidly in the US and also China [1][2], which is experiencing large growth in the healthcare market [3]. That’s the only stock I’ve bought so far, a few weeks ago, which is +7%, but I’m looking more long term.

I also have some knowledge of new drug trials from speaking to people who are knowledgeable in this area. There don’t seem to be many tech companies available to buy, which is probably an accurate reflection of the UK market for large tech companies. The NASDQ 100 fund looks attractive, however, and is available and is probably a low risk bet if holding long term. What stocks/funds are people buying and what was your research that led to this?

  1. AstraZeneca - BBC News
  2. AstraZeneca plots China robot offensive to counter price cuts | Reuters
  3. China's Healthcare Reforms Underscore Market Growth - China Briefing News

This is the overview I use for each of the shares I’m researching, would love to get feedback on whether there’s other key information that should be pulled in. I’m also specifically looking at companies that I think will win in the future trends, AI, Self Driving, Data, and I added in JD.com when the China market took a dive.

On NVIDIA specifically, how would you rate them right now? Undervalued, or have they just had a correction post Crypto-Boom. I’m with them for the long term, but good to hear people’s thoughts?


Looks good, thanks for sharing.

Might be worth looking at Return on capital employed, especially for companies investing for future industries like nVidia.

Out of interest do you compare the metrics against their competitors?

Will look to add ROCE, that’s a good shout.

Yeah, got them grouped by sector across worksheets. Mainly compared them against AMD and NXP, should add Intel into this mix as well.

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