Best growth stock next 10 years?

What’s the stock you feel has the best chance of making big returns in the next 10 years?

Just to gather ideas, obviously DYOR etc.

Optional: justify your pick

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I am so glad I never went down this sort of rabbit hole when I started investing. It is so interesting reading so many of the threads on this forum. The logic, the passion that people have for various stock is awesome.


Whats the rabbit hole?

I dont see an issue with sharing ideas…I enjoy reading all sorts of suggestions…doesnt mean its a good idea to copy any, but its interesting and food for thought.

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VWRL or other global low fee tracker.

Nobody consistently beats the market.


Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

$CHEWY will be the one Im looking at , everyone loves their pets . :heart_eyes: and if you dont , who even are you anyway :rofl:

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I reckon Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk could see a lot of growth due to their weight loss drugs. Both are up 70-80% over one year though and they’re expensive, particularly LLY with a PE ratio of 70+.

That said, I haven’t put my money where my mouth is because I don’t have the time nor the stomach for investing in individual shares any more.

I’d challenge that. Some active managers do consistently beat the market even if the majority don’t.

SMT, III, JAM, JGGI and more than a dozen other investment trusts have bettered the Ftse World over the long term, for example.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll continue to do so but outperformance is possible.


Already trading a 3x the PE of the NASDAQ100.

See this is what this thread is for…I have literally never heard of Chewy…and now I have I can check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I already hold a little bit of £PETS at Home.

Thanks :+1:

Good companies…the tricky part is assessing the value.

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. Newcomers to investing, you can find several good threads and posts from the glory years of this forum on this point that elaborate further. Check out posts by @Cameron or @NeilB for example.


Its certainly a sensible and valid strategy.

Its also good to entertain the idea that some stocks will massively outstrip these funds, and have some conjecture about which stocks they might be.

Doesnt mean we are all going to jump on the bandwagon like small children.

Im sure people said the same about in the naughties look what happened to them.

Not that i’m comparing, just saying is all.


Its always good to have the counter argument.

The one threat to all retail is Amazon and its pricing power.

But then maybe Alibaba is a threat to Amazon…

And maybe geopolitics are a threat to Alibaba…

Everything has a weakeness…even Superman :man_superhero: :rofl:

So it’s good to acknowledge what that weakness is (and diversify).

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Yep, good shouts for Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. However with growth stocks i dont focus on P/E ratios as much, PEG ratios are better.

Obviously we have the usual big tech stuff and we can add meme stuff to that list with Palantir, Sofi, Nano Dimension to name a few, however these are becoming less meme and more serious plays in the market if you look at their earnings and guidance over the last quarters.


Great point. If I was to invest in pets, I’d probably go for a non-retail stock like Idexx (pet health care) which has relatively solid fundamentals. The ship’s probably sailed on that one to some extent though, it’s done remarkably well over the past decade.

Companies to do with treatment / management of diabetes.

Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly & Novartis spring to mind.

Also companies which specialise in glucose monitoring such as DexCom

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Diabetes is certainly a massive issue and growing. A big drain on the NHS…so the money has to go somewhere. And that’s just in the UK.

I love this company. If it wasn’t for one of its wonder drugs, I wouldn’t be here. :raised_hands:


We are very glad you are :heart:

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