Stocks for the long term

Just curious what stocks everyone is jolding for the 5 to 10 year period mone is mainly berkshire grew with machinery becoming a more dominant feature in our lives

Hard to say but mostly dividend stocks in my case. I suspect: Persimmon; British American Tobacco; National Grid; Jupiter; Centamin; Synthomer and various ETFs for stability purposes.

I’m holding the following for the long term:

Technology Minerals
ITM Power
Polestar (currently Gores Guggenheim)
BG US Growth
Kainos Group
Ishares MSCI USA Size
Trimble Navigation

My other stocks I’m not too bothered about. I may well sell if I get to a decent amount of profit but the ones listed above I’m definitely holding 5-10 years. Another one is Oxford Nanopore, which I’m down 50% with, read an interesting article about how they are market leaders and could do really well in the next decade so will likely hold that too.

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Possibly legal and general. Dividend is excellent but share price gain is dire. This can’t go on forever. Other than covid period profits are up about 7% a year. Share price gain is negative over 5 years.
This interest me no end.
The UK government has launched a consultation on its plans to radically overhaul the rules governing insurance companies.
“HM Treasury is proposing changing the European Union’s Solvency II, which governs the prudential regulation of insurance firms in the UK, as part of its post-Brexit reforms.”
Also all Vietnamese investment trusts. Vietnam GDP growth 6% for decade plus. The trusts all trade at large discounts and always have. Vietnam is expected to leave the frontier market sector and join developing countries sector. Implying lower risk. The frontier market index funds are much smaller than the emerging markets index funds. Resulting in a big increase in demand for Vietnamese company shares.
Again possibly you shouldn’t be to certain.
North American Income Trust.
Murray International investment trust.
UK Smaller Companies Investment Trusts for growth but i haven’t decided which one yet.
Smithson Investment Trust one i bought during the crash. Went to 126% gain then fell as far 35% gain up about 45% at the moment BUT instead of its normal 3% premium its on a 12% discount.

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Coca cola,mcdonalds,Starbucks,legal and general,realty income,to name a few of my faves.

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