Long Term Hold Stocks

What stocks are people plannig to hold for the long term and why?

Some of mine:

Fisker - Potential profits in 2024 and a new electric car in the industry.
Ceres Holdings - Numerous patents and cleaner batteries which are sustainable and can fuel houses, cars and buildings etc.
Amazon - still has more growth in it
Shopify - So much more growth in the dropshipping world.

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ITM power, Ceres, Nio - I think green sector is going to be growing a lot in the next decade (even with the hype we have seen in 2020).

Greatland gold- massive discovery of copper/gold back in 2020 and more exciting projects in the pipeline. I think this stock is undervalued at the moment and in few years could be worth much more (also depending on the price of gold). However, some people suggests this was an hype stock and will not do well in future.

Apple - not looking for massive gains here (currently sitting at 50% profit) for years to come but I use their product and I think they will keep growing steadily.

Alibaba - even with the massive lawsuit and precarious situations with China regulation I think this stock is considerably undervalued.

Riot blockchain - I am invested directly in cryptocurrency so I am biased in thinking this stock will do well in future. Great to get some exposure to Bitcoin mining in my freetrade portfolio.

Some more: Microsoft, Facebook, 10x Genomics, Roblox, Nvidia, Waste Management, Palantir, Pure teach health.

And maybe Coinbase but very conflicted about this stock.

I’m looking at Coinbase today but already bought some in sun country airlines and also Aemetis, together with some other typical ‘safe’ stocks like Apple and Starbucks.

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