Best growth stock next 10 years?

For those who enjoy disruptive tech, have a look at the venture fund Agronomics (ANIC). Jim Mellon’s fund with around 20 companies that focus on lab grown meat, milk, leather, cotton, hydrogen, microbes.

It has taken a pasting over the last year and I suspect this trend will continue into next year. Towards the end of 2024 their most promising companies will all be commercial and some (Blue Nalu - blue fin tuna) already have order books full for their product.

There may be a nice surprise in terms of share price this year in terms of their pet food angle. Good Dog Food received £3.6m worth of backing from Pets at Home and Jim Mellon has claimed they will have a product on the shelves in 2023. They have also hired a pr agency and co founder of Leon, so things are happening.

Lab meat will get the headlines and they have that angle covered but for pet food and precision fermentation, ANIC have proprietary tech and scalability sorted (see Liberation Labs factory in Indiana for example).

I suspect the share price will be volatile for the rest of 2023, but for 2033 it is a charming prospect.

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Interesting idea, will have a closer look.

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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