If you could only hold 3 stocks for 20 years

Saw a post, interested to what you lot think here. If you could only hold 3 stocks for 20 years, which would they be?


And SXX obvs

ETFs are cheating


SXX, SNAP, LLOYDS for me, I really believe all three has huge potential.

I’m big on TSLA aswell, I’ll wait for the next correction and hopefully buy in a bit cheaper than it is now.

NIKE is another one for me, huge growth potential as technology is just starting to creep into clothing.

I did say as a safe bet MCDS but I’ve revised that to CRSP. It’s only going to take one drug to cure a major disease or health issue and it’ll be a game changer for these companies. Also with the advances in understanding genetics and what the future of medicine is looking like I reckon that could be a play in the coming years.

I’m with you on DIS, I would go with long established companies that have already got a record growth over the last 20 years, that would rule out flavor of the month type stocks. I’d consider TSLA and SNAP too risky, who knows where they’ll be in 20 year? maybe massive but possibly in MySpace land. I would consider something like Astrazeneca that has had years of steady growth and also decent history of paying dividends. Coca Cola is another one that will no doubt still be selling sugary drinks to kids 20 years from now


What potential do you see for Lloyds? Keeping their value should be doable as they are primarily a domestic mortgage lender to my understanding, but growth potential? Where? Unless they go full global, but that has other challenges. Look at Barclays for example.

I like this question. Forces you to zoom out and focus on a company’s strategy and how the world will change rather than how good a company is at executing to capture already obvious opportunities.

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I don’t think there are any stocks i’d plan to hold for 20 years. Consumers are fickle

ETFs for long term but stocks I’d have to re-evaluate every couple of years


100% this. If I’m being locked in for 20 years, I’m going to track the market rather than risk everything on just three companies.

99.9% of the time you’re going to get it wrong. Who, 20 years ago, would’ve gone all-in on Apple and Amazon?


but for the purpose of this unlikely hypothetical scenario, ETFs are cheating!


McDonalds, Disney and Sirius minerals.

Lloyds, Nuformix and Sirius -cant go wrong.

I would 100% have gone Google, Apple, Facebook all-in from 2004 onwards (in that order). Didn’t know the stock market was something I could invest in. Said it 100 times over from 2004 (aged 17). No-one around me mentioned once that ‘not rich people’ could buy shares. 9/11 made our parents never speak about the stock market to us, especially parents that had little knowledge of the market in the first place. I think I am actually on video saying “who can even compete with google now, their search engine is too popular, no one’s going to care about using a different one” - 2005.

Apple was an easy call. Especially if you were a graphic designer in 2004 (like me). Or into music production.

Facebook was an easy call, especially if you had been using MySpace from 2003/4 and had been to the states around that time. Watching the sheep flock to Facebook you could actually feel the momentum in the atmosphere in 2007.

Sucks to not have known any valuable advice that the stock market was not only for the rich… These are the moral reasons I’m investing in FreeTrade, so younger people could have a chance to invest in the companies they “know” are on track.

If I had heard just once ‘You know you can invest in the stock market too’ at that age, and I was shown just once how to do it, I’d be retired now at 32 spending my days working for non-profits. (Didn’t even know what a non-profit was at 18yo either). Remind me again what schools teach? Or are there really great secondary schools somewhere? Haha.

Seriously. Long post but I had to respond. There are people with ideas that unfortunately were not exposed to ‘value of information’.


What is the link to 9/11?

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That event I recall hearing about some peoples pensions and the stock market taking a hit, that was the first time I heard someone talk about the stock market and it was in a negative manner. I was 15.

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I think I’d go with KO, MCD & AAPL.

I can’t see Coca Cola & McDonalds going anywhere for a very, veeery long time. They’re so good at what they do that they’ll adapt at whatever is thrown at them.

Sugar in drinks banned? They’ll go all in on their sugar free drinks. Carbonated beverages banned? They’ll sell more juices, water and tea’s.

Same with McDonalds, they react to consumers and trends so well. As seen by their gradual move into healthier/less processed food over the past couple of decades.

As for Apple - the iPhone is the key to the their medium term success (until the next big thing). If the iPhone only reacted to competitors, their brand alone would still give them the sales they need to be enormously profitable. And I believe they’re smart enough with R&D to be working on the next consumer electronics movers.


Apple, Alphabet, and Tesla. If I am allowed to replace Tesla with SMT I would do that!

I agree with the Coca Cola/McDonald’s vibe too, but for long term growth I’m particularly interested in how Alphabet and Apple in particular deploy their cash piles (I also think they are well protected for when this business cycle does eventually end so I see them as particularly safe investments).

It’s clear why I would choose Tesla.

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What would you invest in today?

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I would say McDonald’s and Coca Cola as well, I’m holding both. In my opinion these are two of the best long term bets. Other ‘boring’ and established, dividend paying companies with global brands will probably still be doing fine then, i.e. 3M, Johnson & Johnson.

For tech, I would go for Microsoft as they’re integral to business at the moment, more so than Alphabet. However, software companies can be overtaken much more quickly than brands and companies with physical products.

  • Reckitt Benckiser - Neurofen, Durex, Gaviscon, Dettol, AirWick, Strepsil

  • Diageo - Alcohol, recession or no recession we’ll find a way to booze. I’d love a pint of Guinness right now while I’m typing this :smile:

  • Uber - Future of transportation e.g. driverless cabs


All the ingredients for a good weekend in that post :grin: