If you could only hold 3 stocks for 20 years

Nothing like an Airwick party

  1. Facebook - with its payment system it will be huge, just look what WeChat and AliPay means for China
    Dominant position in social media: Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger
    Oculus - VR
  2. Apple - it is the time for monetising huge user base with services. Apple is ideally placed to be the aggregator of all video content providers.
    Don’t you think that Tesla would ideally fit to Apple? Why did not they buy it?
  3. Alphabet - Waymo, the most consumed apps are Alphabet’s apps(next to FB’s apps): Youtube, Gmail, MapsGoogle, GooglePhotos.
    Not to mention Search Engine
    The trade war is heating up – update on Facebook, Gazprom and my Chinese shares

Freetrade obviously, Bitcoin and Exelixis. :slight_smile:


:point_up_2:t2: good answer. :smile:


Its alread up 12x for me in just 3 years !! :):grinning:


Tesla. Amazon. Facebook


great post!
interesting to see different opinions
I’d go for 2 safe ones: MCD and PFE, as I’m sure they’ll be around for the next 20 with whatever new stuff they need to come up with to keep thriving as they have done
and risk a bet on UBER, as they have been super smart. Although some new player might threat their position, don’t think anyone can break them completely
all of them operate well globally, so even if they don’t do well in some markets, there’s the rest of the world

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My choice are CNA, VOD, IMB

How long will it stay freetrade?

Astrazeneca just hit an all time high this week and is now up nearly 70% over the last five years, and this is something I bought for the dividends. This is the sort of thing I would be looking for if I was locked in to a long term hold


I have written a post about portfolio from only 3 companies. Enjoy it:


Bitcoin and Revolut for sure and then… insane risk… Glencore!

I am some sucker for punishment :slight_smile:

I read it. Very interesting. Thanks.

Personally I would go with established capital allocators with a track record:

  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Exor
  • CK Hutchison
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Always find it useful looking at what was around 20 years ago, have adapted to the technological change over this time and still going strong. Can also likely to take advantage of future trends eg. streaming video, consumer tates, e-commerce


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I agree track record is everything. If you’re looking 20 years out you should be considering what they have done in the last 20 years (or more) and whether they’ll likely be around in another 20 years.

For the next 20 years probably:

Facebook - people have mentioned reasons above. I think Libra will be very successful barring regulatory roadblocks.

Salesforce - has the best CRM system and is moving into data analytics. Companies need their CRM so it has inherent protection from dips. Have scope and growing cash flow to move into wider cloud market via M&A

Amazon - will continue to grow, has vision and spends its money wisely. Will end up with the largest market cap in the world in the short-medium term.

I think the Google founder(s) and Elon made a deal during the last financial crash period that if things went bust GOOG would help out Tesla, or something like that.

Currently, the sentiment might be different because of GOOG’s AI labs/DeepMind vs OpenAI (a “non-profit”).

Does Tesla want to sell to Apple or anyone else though? Elon reporting to Tim Cook doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, they are not comparable because you’re comparing WWW with ChinaWeb. However, the network effect of the FB apps is strong, whether you are a fan of them or not. Anti-monopoly regulators worldwide are already taking on FB’s attempt to become a fintech.

As long as the same founders run FB, APPL and GOOG, these three + AMZN (Amazon) have a great future for investors for the next 20 years.

Management counts (look at MSFT (Microsoft)'s turnaround).

I currently don’t hold any of these stocks.