Gores Metropoulos Inc GMHI

This special acquisition company has raised money to invest in another business. It has not specified what firm or sector it will be putting money into. Any warrant distributions issued will be paid as cash.

This changed today to a new ticker, LAZR, seems like this is not picked up by Freetrade yet :thinking::sweat_smile:

Is that why I can’t get it

All sorted now, thanks Freetrade :+1:

@sampoullain I can’t see this in the app under either GMHI or LAZR. It was GMHI when I last checked this morning, but now seems to have disappeared altogether…

I see it under LAZR, it’s flying today. I bought £100 worth earlier this week and I’m over 80% up. Should have bought more, but it did seem like a gamble at the time.