For someone that invest generally once a week.

The graph is a little useless for me

The main reason for this is that it is just a series of jumps each time I invest.

It would be nicer to see a graph or something that doesn’t include amount added.

So something like a profit/lost graph

You can obviously include the current one. Maybe even make them swipable or changeable in the settings

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I’d like this too, though actually after some thought and a few months of use I think it is going to be far less of a problem than it seemed at first.

After a year or so fluctuations in stock value will become much more important than a single contribution.

The larger your portfolio the less it will matter but it will still have an impact

I still think it’d be good to have a contributions level drawn on the same graph, so you can see total growth of your portfolio against money you’ve contributed and withdrawn.


Probably my most wanted feature, this would be amazing

Great suggestion!

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