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Not sure why, Wednesday report looked excellent.

Indeed! Anyway… let’s enjoy the dips if we can :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crossed_fingers:

RNS today stating they have a new broker on board (one that Shaun Day used at his previous company).

Market probably assuming that a new broker equals a share placing to raise funds…

They may well do that but who really knows? Personally feel that any cash raised by GGP will go towards something considerable (and look to increase shareholder value).

Well, on the plus side there’s a sale on…
Bought some more. Nice little sideline. :wink:


May I ask what’s the latest on this company?

Have been in the red for sometime, me.

Why are you invested if you don’t know what’s going on with the company, just out of interest?

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The latest is whenever they find a huge ton of gold in the ground, they drop the stock price so we can buy more cheaply :crazy_face:


Well, I am trying to find out what’s the latest. :laughing:

It’s just strange that if the probability of them finding out is high, I wonder if it’s already priced in.

Obviously, if they do find it, it’s going to be a pot of gold for everyone. If they don’t, I can gather what others are planning to do with their chairs in the company. :chair:

Chippendales #chair :chair:

Strange last two hours