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It’s not a brutal sell off, it was 15p a couple of weeks back, just a dip. Hopefully lots more institutions have a look now there’s real data, maybe even an offer on the way.

It was an excellent point to average down. Unfortunately I didn’t have any free cash to do it with :frowning:

:man_shrugging: Realised I don’t understand shares. Was expecting this to rise :joy:


You are not alone, expected the same thing :joy:

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Yes pretty poor show, fingers crossed we get climbing soon :crossed_fingers::pray:

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What happened? I too (with no knowledge of the Stockmarket) was expecting this to go north, instead I’m sitting at a loss all of a sudden.

Can someone explain to my why this happened, or at least she’d some light with a theory?

Was the presentation that bad (didn’t see it, was working) that everyone decided to get out quick?

This tends to happen after every good set of results with Greatland Gold.

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I should have sold yesterday, didn’t as everytime I sell shares rocket up.

I think the PFS was underwhelming because it didn’t take into account the rest of the drilling samples.

They have confirmed 14mtpa but they reckon there’s another 39mtpa. There’s a really nice image in the pfs around page 9 that puts it into context. Shaun day’s presentation at 9:30 had another really good visual cylinder representation.

There’s more drill results expected this year which could be a catalyst but I’m not sure now. This could side ways trade for another year until the full feasibility study is done with the updated resource.

Even with that I’m not sure how to value a company :joy: so couldn’t tell you if the SP is low or high now compared to the inferred resource and potential profits from extraction.


Update on proactive from Ceo Shawn day.



Well we all know what this means. Price crash tomorrow.


Joined the party late, but hope the long term prospect improves

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Bought low and then went even lower :roll_eyes: not sure why this hasnt at least increased a slight bit .

Are you investing or trading? If you’re investing then you’ll know what you’re putting your money into and long term GGP looks like a solid investment, depending on the price you paid of course.


Not much ‘new’ news but advancing to Stage 2 and a date (early Nov) for assays.

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Drop in share price today then.