Guild Esports 💻⚽️ - £GILD

Would love have to Guildesport (GILd) on Freetrade.

I was thinking to invest in these stocka for long-term growth l,

What is everyone’s opinion on these stocks? Aquabounty (AQB) And Guildesport (GILd)

I have no doubt that Guild esports will do well. If it holds some of the best in the esports world and is well managed its almost bound to.
I have seen it stated several places that Beckam is involved and is backing it, the truth is he was paid 15 million for his involvement so its meaning less really but as a publicity stunt its worked.

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What do you think a fair valuation is for Guild? I can’t really work out how to value an esports comp yet. Very early days

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To be honest I am not sure about fair value. It’s very new company into very new market. Nothing to compare with or benchmark.

It’s more like Guild challenge is to create a new industry, not just the company. If it succeede then the stock could explode, if not then all investment will be lost.

Am I missing something here, an esports company with 1k subscribers on YouTube. Is this a sham? Historically, any company the beckhams touch seems to not turn any profit.

This is a tricky one. How do you put a value on a company like this, its brand new and what the idea seems to be is to assemble a team of players to compete in esports events.
I’m not saying it won’t work but the usual lines of research aren’t going to work with this firm. I am going to sit back and watch, its either that or a speculative punt into this just because its in a hot sector which is too risky.

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Samsung have taken deal with Guildesports for 12 months thats great news

Carleton Curtis has left the company any thoughts ? On paper it would appear he had done a good job and he praises Guildesports

Announcement at 7pm

Guild Esports audience figures reach major milestone via @proactive_uk

Whats going on with this :flushed:

Still 50% down on this , but a better day today ao lets celebrate the highs :clap: :clap::clap::clap::clap:

This stock is bloody useless :roll_eyes: nothing ever happens

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Starting to build nicely once again :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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They signed a deal with both Coca Cola and Hyperice jus this past week. I’m bullish with this one.

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Whats going on with Esports :man_facepalming: