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The ex dividend date wat the 5th December right?


ED 05 Dec 2019 - Paid 17 Jan 2020 Interim 6.18p

Wonder if FT pay in batches in that case :thinking:.
Will still raise it in the app though.

@Alex5 you had yours yet?

Yes, yesterday afternoon.

I’m still waiting.
Staff hours have been cut even further. Retail is being propped up by Autocentre.
See what post Brexit brings along with due liabilities.

Could you ping our team through the app?

I have done mate, about four times now.

Sooooo. 80.15p my screen is showing. Circling the drain or overdone?

I’m only catching up on my watchlist and the business news of the last few days now.

So the shares rose 10% in early trading the day before yesterday.

The adjusted pre-tax profits will be towards the upper end of the previously guided range £50-55m.

Halfords has remained open during the pandemic, which definitely helped.

Anyone else seeing a lot of people biking on the streets? Not to be a biking snob, but a lot of them seem new to it…

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Personally looking to go via Cycle To Work scheme and saw how big the demand is especially now with the new investment and government advice to cycle to work.

They have seen a boost in cycle sales and maintenance but it’s too small a part of their business to offset the dip in car servicing and part sales.

They have a solid business strategy but this year will be tough for them. The dividend has been cut (expect it back late 2021 or start of 2022) but it’ll be back and hopefully higher than before. They are shedding parts of the business that don’t perform and trying to have a more “millennial” outlook on how they need to operate.

There is a lot to love, but this year is going to be tough for investors. Post COVID-19 and after the 2020 full year results (get posted in 13-14 months) we will hopefully see Halford’s doubling down on their service provider plan.

I’m optimistic, but it’s going to be painful this year.

Many upper management averaged down when shares hit 50p, and have ditched last week when they spiked.
Ditched mine at £1.82 last week so managed a near £900 profit.
It became too bleak and my money is gonna work better elsewhere.
HFD don’t even have many bikes left. They’ve had to start importing new brands from Portugal to satisfy demand but I think that will bring other issues with it.

Recent bike sales have been phenomenal and ebikes have been huge and have driven the share price up with the government also advising bikes instead of buses, but the flip of it is that it will impact Christmas bike sales and Q420 is gonna be a real trying time.

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Glad I kept the faith with this one as working out a lot better than my foray into Carillion and Capita…


So shares well up today on news of a takeover.
Does anyone have a guess as to who might be interested in buying them?