Halfords Group 🚵‍♀️ - HFD

A good pound cost average longer term investment I think

Also now in the app.


As Carl suggested, HFD is already available in the app

The :freetrade: team find it unbelievably funny I’ve invested a meaningful amount for the dividends. :man_shrugging:


It’s the only reason to hold these stocks to be fair.
Their price under the Sharesave scheme was £1.74 when the price was £2.21 and loads bought into it again

I am being cautious with the share buying as believe there are just too many reasons for further volatility and corrections. Without wanting to talk about what is occupying British etc politics, the retail scene has been under pressure for a long time. Yet I am still attracted to Halfords. If recession hits I am guessing people will buy fewer new cars, spend more on maintenance, engage in lower cost leisure pursuits. Restrictions on free movement or, more realistically, the increasing cost of holidays abroad (given the pummelling Sterling has been getting for some time now) I think, again, should favour Halfords footfall, despite supply side pressures on what they import.

I have just started to tranche buy into Halfords and will continue to do so when the FTSE is having a bad day at the office…

Halfords isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the truth is their shares were once at £5.60 each.
When I first worked for them and had shares they were around £4.50 each. I’ve still been buying them though as they’re very low priced at the minute and I do believe they will bounce back. The dividends are good too even in the rough patch.
The issues are as with all retail, footfall and basket spend is lower across the board.
Halfords have been shrinking their operational costs for years, and streamlining the business further and further as overall profits slow down.
They have also made redundancies to their Training and Apprenticeship development areas, and even more recently they have cut store stock deliveries from 3 a week to just 2.
I think they’ll slip even further towards the £1.50 mark before the year is out.

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HFD have just announced a 6.18 interim div going ex on 5th December.
As the price has slipped closer to the £1.50 I mentioned I’m interested to see how it pans out in the next weeks up to and beyond the election.

Halfords is my worst performing stock. But it’s the one I learn a lot from and I think I pick better stocks since then. I don’t even average down anymore cause it keeps sinking. Just going to add to it’s upturn momentum (whenever that is). So I can sell it without making a loss. Is there a good case to keep Halfords would love to hear that side.

That’s for you to decide. I’m in the same boat. Boils down to how much your holding is worth and whether the average price per share can reach that level to at least break even. The dividends help offset some of that loss too however.
It’s one I still believe in for all my sins and there’s a lot of stuff going on that gives me some confidence that’s it’s not all over for them yet.

Currently trading at £1.44 with december divs due to be paid on Friday. Lots of internal restructuring and operational cost reductions in force and with the January AGM looming, I suspect the drop is down to nervousness.
Theres more people buying 0000s of shares as opposed to selling them.

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I thought today’s results were pretty solid. I added some more today.

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Just bought for the dividend

Sold it few days later for a little profit. Excited about the dividend tomorrow.

What do you guys think? It is worth to actually hold it?

Some signs of improvement at Halfords.

E bike sales in future and the recent acquisition of mcconechy’s tyres gave me encouragement.

Anyone had their divi come through yet? Nothing yet on mine.

Not yet. Dividend payment date should have been on Friday.

When I have asked about other past dividends, the FT team told me that they actually need do something manually, so often they arrive few days later.

I guess they have a lot on their plate with migrating everyone to the new platform :fire:

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Just a joke G8aa3oXKzZRAI Didn’t even realise I was due a dividend


And it just popped in. Not bad at all, Freetrade :grin:

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