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$URNM - please can you allow trading on this for more uranium stocks.

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In future, please provide the full instrument name. It makes it easier for Freetrade staff and avoids others editing it for you.

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KAZATOMPROM AO KAP LI BBG00MBZ5VR8 2,356,106 88,118,364.40 13.67%
CAMECO CORP CCJ BBG000DSZTN6 3,609,849 87,791,527.68 13.62%
SPROTT PHYSICAL URANIUM TRUST U-U CN BBG011Q5C057 4,414,412 55,156,210.67 8.56%
PALADIN ENERGY LTD PDN AU BBG000BC8GS6 61,360,334 42,731,290.54 6.63%
YELLOW CAKE PLC YCA LN BBG00L33SXL7 8,301,841 39,098,874.39 6.07%
CGN MINING CO LTD 1164 HK BBG000M340F7 215,220,000 34,586,606.33 5.37%
NEXGEN ENERGY LTD NXE BBG004WG63P0 5,086,172 28,736,871.80 4.46%
ENERGY FUELS INC UUUU BBG000BXTPV3 3,363,455 25,158,643.40 3.90%
DENISON MINES CORP DNN BBG000CX6DQ0 15,292,494 24,620,915.34 3.82%
URANIUM ENERGY CORP UEC BBG000LCK3Q2 7,168,348 23,225,447.52 3.60%

US traded ETF cannot be added to Freetrade as they’re not complaint with reporting regulations a

There is now a UCITS version of this. Same ticker URNM (USD) & URNP (GBP). listed on LSE last week

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You’ll need this to be traded for a while first to make sure the spread is nice and close and volume stays consistent.

Title updated

Is there an update on this URNM ($) or URNP (£) listed on LSE. Can they be added to freetrade now?

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