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Hi Chris, I was thinking the same, no movement at all for months. It looks like good things are ahead for the company just don’t understand the lack of movement either.

@J4ckSt4yn3s knows more about this an me but you’re not really buying this stock for May capital appreciation, it’s for a stable investment to deliver a stable dividend stream.

I still hold a small amount but have diverted away from dividends mostly


Thanks for the info, just getting into the swing of things, think I’m looking into long term potential gains than small dividends so will do a bit more research but think I’ll avoid things like this too aswell.

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I think this will be a slow burn. Like some of the other quarterly dividends such as Greencoats Wind, Next Energy Solar and the like.

If they carry out what they said there should be 2% dividend for 2022 which is while they settle in and from 2023 they plan to do the 8% yield.

I want to have a substantial holding in some reliable quarterly companies just to offset some of my more volatile stocks.

Diversified Energy is one of them but the high yield they offer is a little dampened down by the tax you lose to the US so from what I’m hoping is that Harmony Energy will take their place from 2023 onwards.

Hopefully if they start bring out some more information over time then the share price will start reflecting this I’d be happy to see it reach 1.20-1.30 but that is not based on anything other than looking as similar funds.


I’ll add q few quid here and their seems stable

This is a long play of 2-3 years and if it works it’ll build an inflation busting income.


I’ll pretend I know what that means haha

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Building a nice income stream from a stable dividend is something older investors look for typically. That said returning 8% (which unless something really bad happens) will always be above inflation (current around 5%)

Would be nice tbh.

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Shit, so I’m an old investor now? When did that happen!

I think this is going to be my next buy & shoot for the long haul.

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HEIT is raising funds at 100p - closes in 7 days. On Primary Bid but maybe other platforms too.

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Investor presentation: