Gresham House Energy Storage Fund - GRID

Please add this stock! Thanks!

Very keen to see this one added please. Just announced some great results that prove the business case for battery storage is very much ready to go for investors.


I was looking to buy this today but with no luck, can we get it added, please?


Any idea on fees with this one?

Bumping this some more, should be an easy add as it’s an investment trust :slight_smile:

Bumping it again cause I wants it.

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Looks like @J4ckSt4yn3s is going to be happy!

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So many new things to play with!

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Has anyone bought in to this? What like? On the surface it sounds interesting

I have a decent position of 2626 shares in GRID. It’s an energy arbitrage play, much needed in the green energy landscape where energy flows are not as consistent. Been running at a serious premium until recently when we had the drop. Much needed as I stopped DCA’ing into it due to the obscene premium.