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Simply, they keep the lights on and boiler working. This utility supplier manages the gas and electricity transmission network in the UK.


less than 2% of revenue apparently

The new style electric pylon’s starting to be erected.


Telling me national grid has not gained profits in the last 3 quarters, thats most definitely a big lie to the shareholders. Clowns, feeling money being slipped away to offshore banks

I Can’t find any news on what might if caused the jump in share price.

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It’ll be the realisation from ‘late to the party’ investors that solid, staple companies which are diversified away from purely US equities are needed in a portfolio to ride out however long inflation lasts for.

Remember ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’?

Well, the previous round of inflation from the 1970’s lasted for ~15 years, so fomo investors are realising the genuine chance that inflation could be a tough ride for a decade or even more. At least 5 years.

You’ll notice the government being very quiet on inflation and kicking the can down the road as they have no real way of levelling up the issue. From what they are saying, their actions behind the scenes are typically the opposite.

The growth party looks over for the foreseeable and people are focussing on solid & growing dividends or investments which can withstand prolonged toughness.

UK bluechip companies are in high demand.


Cheers man that’s a good explanation

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Hello fellow griders. Just added this to my portfolio. Onwards and upwards :+1:


I’m thinking of taking some profits now on this stock, think the share price will flatline for some time so want to use profits elsewhere and then buy back in later.