💡 Centrica plc 🔥 (£CNA)

Keeping the lights on, this electricity and gas supplier operates in several markets serving consumers and businesses.

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Every cloud has a silver lining. The share price is currently on the way up!

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There is no correlation between whole sale prices and the stock price. Is this latest uptick just emotionally led or is their something fundamental?


Centrica owns British Gas, one of the top 6 UK energy suppliers, so likely to take on customers from failed companies.

And taking these customers on at a loss :eyes:

They all have Ofgem over a barrel, if they all hold a unified line they’ll get some good ‘terms’.

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Today’s loss is tomorrow’s profit. Once this crisis is over, they’ll have more customers and fewer competitors. The dream.


Just wondering if we will get any dividends from Centrica PLC?

Hi @legalbee223

Your last dividend should have arrive about a month ago.

They haven’t announced any future dividends yet.

I don’t usually buy many non dividend bearing stocks, but couldn’t resist.

I am well into my utilities sector at the moment.

They still haven’t announced any planned Dividend so i assume they just arent paying them anymore?