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This lithium, oil & gas exploration and production company focuses on opportunities in South America and Africa.

I have a plus account it’s not letting me buy

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When did you attempt to buy it? - The UK market is currently closed.

If it was during UK market opening hours and , note that liquidity is very low and there is a good chance that orders will reject - it says this on the stock page in the app.

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Happy Birthday @JimmyJ


It just wouldn’t let me buy at all all day today

Freetrade will only execute your order if they can find a price close to the price displayed in the app. Check the bid ask spread here on yahoo finance it was over 10% today.

Haha, cheers!

@Nivedita additionally, looking at the number of trades on LSE shows that there is a very low number of trades which does mean that very people could be selling as well as buying (LSE only shows 5 trades today!). You could very well end up in a position where you would be unable to sell when you wanted to and end up trapped holding it due to no one else being willing to buy it.

It’s worth having a read of the below response on another thread - while it applies to another stock, the general principles do apply.


Buy and sell buttons dosent work.


Anyone know how to tag any admin on here to have Look on this stock and sort buy and sell buttons?

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Problem with the Stamp Duty apparently. Trading suspended for now.