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Please add Triple Point Energy Transition

Well, is two votes not enough?!


Hi all - £TENT is now live on your app!

Up 20% today.
Note the spread is very wide at the moment.
For an explanation see the 3 rns for today

I am holding for now.

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Changed my mind.
I have a very small amount on freetrade the rest are on 212. Put a limit sell order on freetrade. Holding the 212 ones. Buying and selling small companies on 212 is a severe pain.
Anyone know how it goes on freetrade. IE if it’s reaches the price does it normally sell? Its virtually guaranteed on Hargreaves but who wants to pay there fees !!

I had a good experience using limit sells on Darktrace, but that had lots of liquidity at the time. I think a lot of it depends on the spread. When the share price shows what you have set your limit at it doesn’t necessarily trigger the sell, it’s the bid reaching that price that should trigger the sell.

I think

Yes correct.
But it doesn’t always work as in doesn’t go through.
Anyway will find out

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