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So i have been purchasing some share over the last month and I am pretty new this.
Today i tried to place an order for some more shares of a company that I have bought already and the new purchase keeps getting rejected.
Could anyone please enlighten me as to what is happening
The company is Harmony Energy.

Welcome @pennies2pounds

When you buy or sell in the market there has to be a seller or a buyer for you to buy or sell from. Depending on the market capitalisation and how many trades are executed per day, there may not be someone selling or buying.

The smaller cap, usually cheaper shares tend to have lower trading volumes. According to Yahoo Finance, Harmony has a market cap of 214.011M and averages 651,820 trades a day. This is small cap. Google on the other hand has a market cap of 1.782Trillion and average trades of 1,892,819. Trades are far more likely to be rejected by the market if the companies are small cap and traded less often.

Trades are also sometimes rejected by the platform if the quote is way off what you are expecting to pay. Again, this is more likely to happen to small cap, highly volatile stocks. It can also happen more in the first and last 30 minutes or so of trading, so it’s usually sensible to avoid these, especially the opening, in my short experience.

There is more information here including some info on different order types if you are a plus member.


Thank you, much appreciated for the detailed reply and link.
I shall just have to bide my time.


Amazing reply! I’ll copy and paste it in the future without any credit given to @Orbitalinvestor :wink:


Thanks @NeilB. I learnt it myself from you guys here on the forum anyway, so it’s credit to the community really …but watch your back!! :laughing:


Yes, just keep trying. Eventually someone will want to sell, especially if the price shoots up!

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I had the same with CEY two days back and gave up in the end after 8 attempts - I know other users had the same issue so could have been the stock or platform issues. (I got a quote via another platform without issue so know the stock was trading ok). Just keep trying is all I can say as know the trade eventually went through for others.


Thought that was just me. I left a couple of limit orders on and they went through eventually.

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Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated, uts a learning curve.:+1:

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