Orders to buy certain UK companies seem to be getting rejected half of the time

Speaking about UK small caps and it seems to be a recurring problem (i.e. TWD, ESC)
Messaged support and they said that partner essentially have those stocks as “sell only” i.e. I can’t buy it.

I can still sometimes buy it if I try to buy it 10 times throughout the day, but it’s fidly.

Any thoughts on what this might mean and if we can expect this to be fixed eventually?

I have been getting lots of rejections too recently.

If I persevere then the order will go through, but not ideal to have to try multiple times.

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I’ve had this lately but I’ve also seen it due to general market volatility. I’m in some telegram channels for some shares and noticed it also happening on HL and 212 too. At least with freetrade and 212, the trades are free. I wouldn’t be so forgiving if I had to pay 12 quid for the trade :wink:


Still can’t buy it.

The volume on TWD and ESCE is very very low today. No action so its tough to buy. limit orders and waiting the best option

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Doesn’t seem to work. Order is for 0.19, current price is 0.18 and it’s not executing.

Order is for like $10 so I don’t think volume is the problem.