Has anyone experience with Propio?

Hello Freetrade Community,

I am a big fan of Innovative Finance ISAs as I like the concept and its also a nice way to diversify some of my investments. I have fairly good experience with those type of investments mainly on the P2P side of things.

For over a year I am interested in opening up a new Innovative Finance ISA with a platform that offers products around property. I did some research on the usual suspects that come up when you google. Today I came across Propio and they immediately caught my eye with their ‘easy’ investment solutions and they appear to be on top of their game.

I was wondering:

  1. Has anyone any experience/knowledge on Propio ?
  2. Do you guys know of any other/better platform that would give me a similar investment opportunity (but maybe with less fees or risks) ?
  3. Please also feel free to tell me that investing in a platform such as Propio is not a good idea if you think so (and please outline your opinion on this)

I am really keen to know what you guys think.


It seems they are not accepting new investments right now. :frowning:

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