Have to say I'm not that impressed at the moment

Started using Freetrade this tax year as the pricing structure is attractive, but my experience so far has been somewhat lacking.

Initially it was a genuine surprise to find there was no web interface, which really makes a huge difference (how the hell do you expect people to manage numerous assets properly on just their phones?). I know there is one in the works, so it’s not a deal breaker, but it is a very high priority.

Today, using the discover function in the app is being more than a little buggy. The buttons just don’t work. I see a stock and tap to look at it, and it just does nothing; the same with all of the “see all” buttons. Using a recent and mainstream branded Android phone. Currently having to manually search every company as there is no way to browse them.

Another annoyance is the “Max” view on a stock’s share price history doesn’t go beyond 5 years. Initially I thought that I must have just been looking at newer companies, but when I had a look at ones I knew had been around for donkeys years it became obvious it was not showing me the information I requested. This is unacceptable. It needs to be fixed, and if you have a policy of restricting us to a 5 year view for whatever reason then this needs to be correctly labelled as such.

Small thing but still annoying: the “Get your free share” window continues to pop up whenever I open the app even though all the line items have been completed and have a strike through. If I’ve completed this process then the popup is redundant and shouldn’t persist.

Safe to say and I think most would agree, any platform I trust to handle my money needs to be solid when it comes to reliability and functionality. If the buttons used to navigate don’t always work and we get pages appearing for things that are no longer relevant then it brings into question how much we can trust the reliability of the buttons responsible for making trades at the most crucial moments.


Have you updated to the latest app version?
I’ve experienced none of these bugs
I’m on Android - you on iPhone?

Yeah I’ve seen this on Android as well, I’ve not found a way to recreate it so I could pass the steps onto Support, which leads me to believe it’s probably a slow response from the API when retrieving data, pricing doesn’t display when this issue occurs.
Pretty much requires the app to be closed from recent apps.

Definitely is a lot more instability on the app in recent weeks, I’d had no problems previously

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Hi Dan,

I’d like to apologise for the issues you’ve been experiencing. Our Engineering team have been working to resolve the issues and have rolled out a fix this week, could you please update your app to the latest version?

The latest versions are 1.0.24442 for Android, and 3.9.8 for iOS. Once updated your Discover tab should work as expected, and the Free Share pop-up should stop getting in your way!

I’m happy to say our team have been working hard to get Freetrade Web up and running for Beta testing, check out this post from our team earlier today on how to get access. Thank you for sharing your feedback on our graphs also, this is a good point so we’ll raise this with our Product team and see what we can do about this.

I hope the app update improves your app experience, if you need any more help please drop our team an email at hello@freetrade.io


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