Trust pilot ideas

These ideas found on trust pilot. … is a share dealing app.


  • Free (4 pm trades) or cheap (£1 immediate trades) dealing costs.
  • Good looking app with nice use of logos.
  • The app loads quickly.
  • Customer support is quite good at times.
  • US Shares are available.

Cons (and suggestions)

  • The product roadmap looks disappointing because portfolio analytics isn’t even up next.
  • No overall profit or loss information anywhere on the app.
  • No dividend reinvestment option. And no mention of this on your product roadmap.
  • Graphs are meaningless and need an urgent redesign, especially for share prices during the day. (no x-axis details)
  • Some trades don’t always go through which can be disappointing.
  • Withdrawals take 4 working days but can take longer if you sell shares and wait for the money to arrive back into your account.
  • I would suggest filtering the shares /funds by category and location (UK / US). One long list is bananas.
  • There’s no detailed information about each company, for example, Volume, 52 Week High /Low Price, Broker Forecasts, Dividend Yield, Dividend Dates, Market Cap, Performances, Account Details, Reports, Company News, etc.
  • Share prices are delayed by 15 minutes, some providers offer real-time prices. (Just saying)
  • You cannot update your email or postal address in the app or from the website.

You’re a world away from being a 5-star service. For now, I’ll leave my review at 3-stars. I hope you appreciate the feedback coming from someone that isn’t a Freetrade investor.


How often are people doing this that it’s even an issue? :thinking: Just start a chat and it’s sorted

Most of the rest have all been mentioned as intended in the future so that’s good


Hey David, very informative feedback which Freetrade will hopefully look at and take into consideration :slight_smile:

I have recategorised your post to ‘Freetrade Chat’ as we use the ‘Ideas’ section to propose one suggestion per topic, and few of those you mentioned have already been proposed in the past. If you’d like to create any additional topics with ideas (one per topic), please feel free to do so.


Welcome David :wave:

That was pretty epic first post! Thanks for sharing this feedback.

We definitely have much bigger ambitions for the service & as Emma mentioned, we’re planning to provide solutions for a lot of the things that’re mentioned in the cons section already. At the moment, it’s just a balancing act to choose between making gradual improvements to things that’re already in the app vs adding features & functionality that our service needs to have in order to be really useful e.g. US stocks.

We’re going to start referring to Freetrade as in ‘beta’ soon to help give people a better sense of what part of the journey we’ve got to. At this point there’s still some fundamental improvements that we want to make, in order to give us a stronger foundation to build on.

For now, we just some some more time so please bear with us :raised_hands: One of the benefits for you of having discovered Freetrade so early is that you really can help us shape our service, by sharing your feedback here, much more than you would if you were giving feedback to one of the incumbents.

So we really appreciate your patience & ideas, please keep them coming!