Home reit

I assume it’s not available on freetrade. Although as the shares have been suspended it may not show up.
Anyway the latest is they are being investigated for… bribery?
How much worse can it get?
Half the housing associations are not paying there rent some because they are in difficulties the remainder because the accommodation is in very poor condition. They moved tennant’s in on the basis of home reit updating the propertied.
I have looked up the definition of this type of landlord… slumlord.
Hopefully no one on freetrade has invested in them. Presently the shares are suspended.
Okay not necessarily a nice thing to say…might be worth a punt after they are “unsuspended”. They will fall and bounce back, not where they were before but it’s inevitable they will make at least a short term rebound. Think cinema shares. Forgot the name?

Used to be listed, now suspended, was quite interested in them at one point, thought the concept of them looked good, but here we are, I think Civitas has a similar issue also

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Used to be listed on freetrade?

Sorry, they were available to buy on freetrade, but have been suspended


I like Civitas. Very cheap only one housings association not paying. I think it’s the first one to stop paying on home reit. It only represents 1.6% of its income.
Significant difference between the two. Civitas doesn’t buy anything that needs work doing to it. Must be ready for the tennt to move in when it buys.
Worth looking at.