House building

Also with new builds buyers are paying a premium price and the homes may lose value the moment someone moves in.

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When you buy a new house you’re able to customise your new home - if you then sell the house without those benefits AND selling against the developer (who are great at this stuff with schemes like Part Exchange, Assisted move & help to buy) you’re in a more competitive market place.

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I can speak to this, it’s my industry.

Nope! Builders are incredibly conservative and have to plan 3-20 years ahead when buying land and planning houses. They need to make sure what they build sells well and important is mortgage able.

They need to adapt to timber frame and off site manufacturing first before we get into 3D printing.

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Could be

Wow. 20 years of planning?! Regulatory burden?!

I don’t think 3D printing for housing technology is ripe for mass adoption. But it will be. Soon :joy:. It will allow for different business models, will increase competition to a certain extent cuz it can only build houses with a couple of stories, ie as far as I can understand the technology can’t be used to build a 10 stories building. Yet. Maybe it will never get there. It will not necessarily drive prices down. But could become a valid alternative in time I think

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Long term projects are often classed a ‘stratland’ or Strategic Land, buying up a large area that isn’t including in the current master plan and then hoping / schmoozing the MP & councillors until it is included.

Most Ftse350 builders have land plans for 3 years ahead with pencil plans for a few more after that.

Banks are also very conservative as they’re lending against something for 30/35 years often so don’t want to risk the property being uninhabitable. Of site pre fab makes more sense. Making a wall panel with the wiring inside and on-site they install the wall and then do the connection is far faster and saves wastage.

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I’d like to see more ICF builds and greater mortgagability before the 3d printer ones personally.

Midas Construction gone into administration